Meet Dr. Springer

Hello, I’m Robert Springer and welcome to my practice. Whether you seek aesthetic care, primary care or both under one roof, my staff at Springer Wellness & Restorative Health assists me in providing one thing: care that is cutting-edge, holistic and personalized to meet your individual desires.

I remember as a child wanting to be both an artist and a scientist. My academic journey took me from studying art history at the University of Michigan to medical school at Michigan State University. After residency in Internal Medicine in Michigan, I had an Allergy and Immunology fellowship in Augusta at the Medical College of Georgia. For the last twenty five years in Atlanta, I have practiced the best kind of primary care: one based on deep personal relationships, informed by a specialty-level knowledge base, and integrating the best of science, art and intuition.

The artist in me started providing for my patients neuromodulation by administration of Botox several years ago. Our menu of aesthetic services has rapidly matched the expertise of our medical care and now includes the newest laser, radiofrequency and electrical stimulation technologies, fat transfer as well as dermal fillers, and now Jeuveau. As with my medical care, my aesthetic care will stay at the forefront of the art form.

All of our services are premium, personalized and private. Unlike pricier concierge practices, we DO NOT participate with any insurance plans or Medicare. Our medical services are available on a membership model that allows a level of attention not possible in practices that file insurance. With only three staff members assisting me, you will feel like you are known and understood like a member of a family. All your care, medical and aesthetic, will be directed and administered by me, your doctor. Nothing is provided by mid-level practitioners or other practitioners without medical training. Even our therapy dogs have a cumulative thirty years experience working in a medical environment. I invite you to come and experience the difference we can make for you at Springer Wellness & Restorative Health.

“I cannot praise Dr. Springer’s individual care, compassion, patience, and attention to detail highly enough.”

Dan T, Patient
“Dr. Springer always takes his time with me and my many issues. Makes me feel very comfortable and knows how take care of me.”
Ken M, Patient
“Love Dr. Springer. His staff and nurse practitioner are also awesome. As long as I live in GA, Dr. Springer is my doctor.”
H.B., Patient