Preventative Medicine Specialist

One does not measure health simply by the absence of disease. Robert E. Springer III, MD, of Springer Wellness and Restorative Health in Atlanta recognizes that preventive health measures and healthy habits enable a life filled with vigor and joy.

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Preventative Medicine Q&A

Every year, millions of Americans die of completely preventable deaths. Dr. Springer doesn’t want you to be part of this statistic. He helps patients develop a healthy lifestyle that supports wellness and discourages chronic diseases from developing.

Preventable conditions include a number of chronic diseases. These include:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity

Often, these ailments are a result of a poor diet and sedentary way of life. By effectively coaching you on creating and maintaining healthy habits, Dr. Springer can help you thrive.

Central to the program at Springer Wellness and Restorative Health is an annual, comprehensive wellness visit. At this appointment, Dr. Springer thoroughly reviews your current health, health changes, and lifestyle measures. He checks your weight, blood pressure, and vitals to see how your organs are functioning. He runs blood work and other routine tests to look for signs of potential problems before they turn into serious health problems.
Dr. Springer specializes in meeting each patient as an individual, exactly where and how they are. First and foremost, he works for his patients. Operating outside of the third party payor system, his time is paid for by his patients; there are no time constraints set by a corporate home office or indirectly dictated by insurance reimbursement payments. This frees Dr. Springer and his patients to develop a relationship, an increasingly rare commodity in the context of healthcare delivery.

Relationships of any kind are labor intensive and require work. The benefit of any good relationship is mutual love and support. Dr. Springer’s greatest satisfaction is in being an agent for change and positive transformation for everyone he treats. He considers himself “an educated ally” for each of his patients on their own journey to wellness.

He understands that most people already know what a healthy diet looks like, that exercise is important and some habits (like smoking) are linked to disease. Yet most of us engage in behaviors that risk our health daily. Dr. Springer endeavors to understand the barriers to developing and maintaining healthy behaviors, and works to generate real solutions to help enact a better lifestyle.

Another key concept is Dr. Springer’s holistic view of wellness. Whatever illness or lifestyle challenge a patient brings to the table, he never sees the solution as relating to just the problem. In Dr. Springer’s practice, patients are more than just their problems. They are whole human beings, with past experiences, a complicated present, and hopes for a better future. The solution to any given patient problem is inextricably woven through a complex interaction of mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Springer sees life in all its complexity, and works to formulate actionable plans for improved wellness, one positive change at a time.

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