Anti Aging

The topic of aging in medicine is a hot one and not without controversy. With whole articles, editorials and books devoted to Anti-Aging Medicine, it is simpler to focus on Dr. Springer’s philosophy on this topic. For Medicine in general, the doctor often feels that there is too much focus on diagnosis and treatment of illness, to the exclusion of understanding the patient. Dr. Springer practices a kind of medicine that might be termed Holistic or Integrative: for him this means understanding the individual in the context of that individual’s life. Dr. Springer wants to know where patients come from genetically, culturally, geographically, all the factors that impact our biology and our lifestyle. Then he want to know the patient’s goals, hopes and fears: long life, freedom from disease, physical vigor, external beauty, fear of pain and disability?

On aging, the doctor acknowledges this: aging, like death, is inevitable. There are no medical magic bullets that change this reality. However, as in other areas of medicine, how we age is in part biological destiny that in turn can be modified by our behaviors, our choice of lifestyle. Our genes are half the equation: the other half is our choices. Some choices are simple and others more complicated. First and foremost, medical evidence weighs in soundly on healthy aging being predicated upon physical activity. The more you move, the better you age. The other obvious choice is a good diet. But what constitutes good for one person is not for another. Dr Springer looks at the whole picture, sees the individual in it, and tries to generate solutions that work for the individual in their circumstance.

Dr. Springer brings over thirty years of medical education and experience to bear in the treatment of all sorts of problems and illnesses for his patients. He approaches aging and aesthetics as he does all things: with the view to the big picture. On the aesthetic side, he understands that diminishing outward signs of aging makes for a healthier whole individual. On the medical side, he understands that our goals are more than freedom from disease, but rather a vigorous quality of life, a functional goal that entails physical fitness and wellness. On an individual basis, the doctor’s prescription might be for measures aimed at controlling a particular disease, while other’s might need optimization of hormone levels. Dr. Springer is available to counsel members of his Direct Primary Care practice as well as others on a consultation basis.


Anti Aging Q&A

This refers to Hormone Replacement Therapy. In Dr. Springer’s practice this encompasses everything from sex hormones in both men and women to thyroid balance in everyone. A subset of this area is bio identical hormones.
Not all hormones are equal. For years many women have had their menopausal symptoms treated with horse estrogen. Estrogen from pregnant mares is close enough to that of human females to help with symptoms of menopause, but in turn have been found to increase risk of certain cancers. Bioidentical hormones are exactly identical to human hormones, even if they are made from something else, like vegetable proteins. Dr. Springer has prescribed bioidentical hormones from the beginning of his practice out of necessity, when his patients couldn’t get their own gynecologists to guide them.
Is HRT right for me? It depends. Some hormones are straightforward. For example, if you lack thyroid hormone, you take just enough to replace to normal levels. Sex hormones, human growth hormone and other hormonal support entail risks as well as benefits. Decisions about hormone manipulation are personal and take into account wellness goals as well as the unique concerns due to personal factors like personal and family medical history.