Direct Family Care

The Direct Primary Care model offers substantial savings along with increased access to your physician, Robert Springer, III, MD. He offers this model for all medical services offered at Springer Wellness and Restorative Health in Atlanta. Call to learn more about how you can pay a monthly fee or a discounted lump sum yearly for preventive services, health maintenance, and management of general internal medicine problems. Or you can book a consultation online!


Direct Primary Q&A

Direct Primary Care (or DPC) is the way in which Dr. Springer offers his expert medical services. It’s an alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing. You commit to an annual contract of a monthly fee that comes out of your account automatically or you can choose to pay a discounted lump sum for a full year to cover offer visits and interactions with Dr. Springer. The practice does not participate with any insurance plans or Medicare.

So many of the services you need routinely are covered under your Direct Primary Care membership. These include preventive care, internal medicine, and health maintenance. Included with membership are:

  • Annual wellness visits
  • Routine blood work
  • In-office tests, such as EKGs and breathing tests

If you need follow-up tests or have other in-office needs, you’ll pay a nominal copay. These include:

  • Urgent sick visits-same day if necessary
  • Minor injury assessment
  • Suturing wounds; removal or biopsy of unwanted skin lesions
  • Mental health, including treatment of anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD

If you need specialized care that’s outside of Dr. Springer’s internal medicine expertise, you’ll be referred to an appropriate provider who takes your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, Dr. Springer looks for the best cash price for your special services or prescription medications.

The DPC model aligns with Dr. Springer’s philosophy that health care should be holistic and support the general welfare of patients, including their economic welfare. DPC also provides complete transparency in the cost of your basic health care needs. For patients with good insurance coverage, DPC can provide great value by eliminating the surprise of being billed retail rates for lab and other tests deemed “not covered” by the insurer.

DPC is not a form of insurance. You’ll still be responsible for significant, catastrophic events, such as surgery or cancer treatment. Services not covered by DPC include emergency transportation, inpatient care, and outpatient rehab, and radiologic imaging.

But even people with the best insurance plans can save up to 12% in out-of-pocket medical costs with membership in a DPC practice, while getting improved care and better health outcomes. Uninsured patients will be guided to specialty services and prescription sources that will provide huge discounts over standard retail rates.

Instead of charging high retail rates set by insurance companies for basic services, such as routine blood tests, the DPC model allows Dr. Springer to provide them at reasonable prices-essentially wholesale. The DPC model removes the middle man – the insurance company – so anything you pay goes directly to the practice to support your care. Your expenses are kept reasonable, while your access to care is enhanced.

To learn how you can save money and get optimal care with the DPC model, call the practice or schedule an appointment online.