Joint Pain Service

When you have joint and muscle pain, even simple daily activities become a chore. Robert E. Springer III, MD, of Springer Wellness and Restorative Health in Atlanta offers a state-of-the-art laser treatment as a noninvasive solution to inflammation and pain.

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Joint Pain Q&A

At Springer Wellness and Restorative Health, you can benefit from the MLS (multiwave locked system) laser to heal pain from musculoskeletal disorders. The laser creates two frequencies of light delivered at the same time. One of these frequencies reduces inflammation and the other relieves pain.

The laser energy also stimulates your body to produce new, healthier cells. These fresh cells take on more nutrients and eliminate waste products faster – creating healthier connective and muscle tissue.

Many types of painful disorders can be successfully addressed with MLS laser treatments. These include but are not limited to:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis pains
  • Acute strains
  • Chronic myofascial injury

The MLS laser is FDA-cleared to reduce pain and inflammation.

The light energy from the MLS laser causes vasodilation, or the widening of your blood vessels to allow for an increase of blood flow in treated areas. The laser energy also activates the lymphatic drainage system, your body’s natural waste-removal system, to relieve swelling in affected areas.

The MLS laser positively affects your nerve cells, blocking pain transmitted by these cells to the brain. Also, the decrease in inflammation and swelling reduces pain. The laser can also stimulate your body to produce more pain-killing chemicals, including endorphins, to offer relief.

The MLS laser eliminates the need for riskier invasive treatments with long recovery times. You also may not need to control your pain with medications, which can have serious side effects that include damage to your liver, kidney, and stomach. The laser is also an alternative to physical therapy, which can be effective, but time-consuming and costly to pursue.

The laser energy penetrates your outer layers of skin without causing any damage. The treatment is completely safe and poses no danger of accidental burns or other tissue damage.

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