My approach to aesthetic care parallels my general medical care: it is comprehensive and patient focused. Our starting point is always your particular concern. If there is some part of your face that you wish to see differently, I’m here to listen to your desires. As a doctor, I’m also prepared to step back and look at the big picture of your health and offer the best solution to meet your goal. I can offer preventative care with neuromodulation by injections of Botox or Jeuveau.

If you need some reshaping or lifting from volume that can be accomplished with either filler or with your own fat, the latter harvested in the office from elsewhere on your body. We can reduce pigmented lesions, blood vessels and scars with a variety of laser treatments or microneedling. Utilizing laser as well as one of three forms of radio frequency treatments, one with microneedlimg, we can provide exceptional skin tightening. Lastly, we offer great results in laser hair removal.


Quality Care

Whatever your body transformation goal, if you are ready to invest in yourself, you deserve to receive care where:

  • I have already made the investments necessary for you to have the most current and effective treatments.

  • Your doctor has three decades of experience and medical judgment.

  • The doctor is an artist.

Providing Holistic Care

As with my medical practice, my aim in aesthetic services is to provide holistic care with great value. Many practices can offer a menu of treatments at a particular price, perhaps offering deals on packages of multiple treatments. While some of our treatments are most effective in a particular sequence over time and priced accordingly, mostly I offer pricing for results, and it is my sincerest desire that you will be so pleased with the value I offer that you will be encouraged to repeat treatments as often as needed to maintain your best self.

For the Face, We Offer:

IPL Laser
Laser Genesis
MicroPlasma Pixel RF fractional resurfacing
Radiofrequency Microneedling
TempSure Envi
botox neuromodulation
Jeuveau neuromodulation
Dermal fillers from Juvederm
Fat transfer with Beautifill

“I cannot praise Dr. Springer’s individual care, compassion, patience, and attention to detail highly enough.”

Dan T, Patient
“Dr. Springer always takes his time with me and my many issues. Makes me feel very comfortable and knows how take care of me.”
Ken M, Patient
“Love Dr. Springer. His staff and nurse practitioner are also awesome. As long as I live in GA, Dr. Springer is my doctor.”
H.B., Patient


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