Laser Treatment for Musculoskeletal Pain & Injury

Healing with light: how neat is that? Our new MLS laser robot Emsyx, whom we call “Emmy” is where R2D2 meets Marcus Welby MD (if you are too young for that then Google it). The latest generation of laser, the Multiwave Lock System utilizes two frequencies of light delivered at the same time: one for reducing inflammation and the other for relieving pain. Many painful musculoskeletal disorders, from back pain to arthritic joints, from acute strains to chronic myofascial injury can all be effectively treated with laser.

When medications fail to heal these physical problems, or when medication toxicities to stomach, liver or kidney are of concern, Emmy can be the answer. She may also substitute for other non medication modalities like physical therapy which can entail more expense of time and money than laser therapy. And unlike earlier forms of laser, no heat is generated in the target tissues, so there is no danger of accidental burns or other tissue damage. This is literally healing with light. Ask us if laser therapy can meet your needs and visit for the exciting details of this innovative therapy.