Fat Transfer

At first glance you might ask “Why would I PUT fat anywhere, when I just want to get rid of it?” Look carefully at any pictures taken of the same person decades apart. The first thing you notice are the wrinkles and the “fallen” look of the face over time. Upon closer examination one realizes it’s not just that the skin got looser over time, it’s the loss of VOLUME in the face that exaggerates the loose effect.

Notice the sunken eyes from loss of fat in that area, then see the area over the cheeks: they’ve flattened out. Ironically, the small fat pads under our eyes can grow over time (just like that collection around our midsection and thighs) while the area over the cheeks thins out, resulting in a tired appearance of the eyes. Notice the same thing with the hands: over time you start to see veins, tendons and bony structures. It’s not from thinning of the skin, but loss of fat underneath the skin. We can now replace fat to the face and hands with fat transfer or fat grafting, utilizing fat harvested from another part of the body.

Dr. Springer is the first practitioner in Atlanta to utilize Beautifill, the laser device created specifically to optimize fat transfer results. The novel innovation of Beautifill is that the laser energy is designed to “shake loose” intact, healthy fat cells rather than burn and destroy them as in other laser liposuction devices. The result is healthy fat available for grafting in the single procedure of removing fat with liposuction. This eliminates the time it would take to sift and process the fat removed by other methods and increases the percentage of fat cells “taking” to their new location after grafting. Dr. Springer is ready to help rejuvenate your appearance with transfers of your own fat to the face and hands.

Sometimes though we are born with something we consider a deficit. A classic area of concern is the derrière: some have more of it than others. The ubiquitous term “Brazilian Butt Lift” is in fact simply the transfer of fat to the backside in order to enhance both volume and shape (though some shady practitioners might offer a procedure utilizing substances other than fat). Dr. Springer can take your own fat, from love handles, waist or thighs, and help you create the tush of your dreams.


Fat Transfer Q&A

Fillers and fat are used in the same way to “fill in” deficits created by time or nature. The difference is that your body detects fillers (synthetic versions of a naturally occurring compound) as foreign and gradually resorbs it from where it is placed. This the effect of fillers is mere months. Fat that is transferred is your own, so the body leaves it alone. Grafted fat will last for years, and will simply age at the same rate as fat and other cells do. Fat transfer is a great option for those who enjoy the effects of fillers but tire of returning over and over to repeat the procedure.
Actual grafting of fat is fairly quick, under an hour. More time will be taken in the fat harvesting and the amount of time will depend on the volume of fat taken: just enough harvested for the grafting versus a full liposuction procedure to reduce volume elsewhere.
Transfer of fat to the face or hands itself is easily tolerated and you are generally “good to go” right away from that standpoint. The downtime will relate to the liposuction harvest part of the procedure. That part will require at least a couple to a few days.