Often, changing estrogen and testosterone levels can lead to a spike in appetite and subsequent weight gain. There are a couple of reasons for these hormonal fluctuations, and there are some treatments and therapies Dr. Springer and his team at Springer Wellness and Restorative Health can provide you to address this unwanted increase in appetite. If you’ve been eating constantly and seem to have an insatiable appetite, it may be time for a solution.

Conditions that cause hormonal fluctuations

Although poor diet and lack of exercise are the leading causes of weight gain, you may find yourself constantly hungry and gaining weight despite your best preventive efforts. Here are some common culprits behind hormonal fluctuations, which lead to increased appetite and weight gain:


This is the most common reason for low estrogen levels. This sudden dip in hormones can cause women to gain weight during the conclusion of their menstrual cycles. A drop in estradiol, the specific form of estrogen that regulates metabolism and body weight, is a particular perpetrator of weight gain during menopause.


Also known as an underactive thyroid, hypothyroidism happens when the butterfly-shaped gland that rests at the front of our neck doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones, which help to regulate how your body consumes energy. Hypothyroidism is found in women more often than in men, and usually occurs in people over the age of 60.


When you’re under high and prolonged amounts of stress, your body produces a stress hormone known as cortisol. Increased cortisol levels cause your body to store fat, possibly impeding your weight loss efforts.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Also known as PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome happens when women produce abnormally high levels of male hormones and their ovaries develop multiple cysts. This causes a host of problems, such as irregular periods, facial hair growth, and weight gain. It’s important to look out for this condition, as 70% of women with PCOS don’t know that they have it.

Treatment options for hormonal weight gain

If you’ve experienced recent unexplained weight gain and think you may have one of the above conditions, it’s important to seek treatment sooner rather than later. There are several treatment options that Dr. Springer can offer you, including:

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is a holistic treatment option that includes testing and monitoring your hormone levels and examining your lifestyle choices together. The nice thing about Springer Wellness and Restorative Health is that we offer these services at a much lower price than you would find at a weight loss center.

Medication Support

There are medications for both short-term and more sustainable long-term weight loss. Though these may not be options for everyone, Dr. Springer can discuss medication as a treatment option for you.


Though this is not a long-term sustainable solution to hormonal weight gain, it’s an excellent laser treatment for reducing unwanted pocket of fat, which can encourage your weight loss plan.

Start losing weight effectively today

At Springer Wellness and Restorative Health, Dr. Springer and his team understand the frustrations behind unwanted weight gain and hormonal imbalances. They’re experienced in helping patients maintain a successful weight loss process, that’s both effective and sustainable for the long term. Call us, or schedule an appointment online today.